I Won! I Won!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Whoa! I actually won a blog giveaway!! One of the fabulous blogs I read religiously is "The Glamorous Life of a Housewife"... Its a great blog, you should check it out! And she had a great Valentine's giveaway (Her Giveaway Blog HERE)-- a set of 7 keys from Pottery Barn. Anyone who knows me knows how much I {{heart}} all things PB! We had to write why our valentine held the key to my heart... I, of course, wrote something about how my Valentine (hubby, duh) was by my side every second of the day on the toughest day of our life... last Thursday, Feb 11, when our baby girl was born into heaven. My husband has been my valentine for almost 10 years now, but our experience last Thursday, just a few days before Valentine's day, had completely changed the way we love each other. In fact, speaking of incredible love, Sean told me the day I came home from the hospital (last Friday) that his capacity to love grew a million times greater the moment our Whitney was born. But since she is not here for us to physically love on, cuddle and kiss, I had better watch out because all that love is going to overflow to me! :-) Yes, I have a great Valentine. And I am more than ok with the overflow of his love flowing to me.

SOOOOOoooo.... all that to say... yay! I won something! First time ever! Thanks, Whitney (blogger)! (And ps, I love your name!) Ya'll should pop over to her blog and add her to your reader! Oh, here's the set of keys I won....

Happy Belated Love day!

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