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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

So, I read a lot of blogs. And the more I read, the more I realize how many insanely talented people there are in this world... and I'm not talking about the famous artsy ones, either. There are millions of crafty, gifted, beautiful artists who are just like you and me. And I LOVE seeing their work! I read about all different kinds of art... architecture, design, paper crafting, painting, photography... the list could go on.

Just look at the uh-mazing interior design of this Brookly Brownstone over on Design*Sponge... (Trust me, its worth the jump over there.) I've ALWAYS wanted to live in a brownstone. *sigh* Maybe some day!!! But the pictures of this one made my jaw drop to the floor. I could literally picture myself living here... walking up the front steps with my eco-friend recyclable bag of organic groceries (um, er... ok so maybe it'd still be Diet Coke and PopTarts).

Next, I saw this awesome site called 39 Sqaures. Here's the link to the blog. Basically, its kinda like the 365 project I'm doing. Every day they stitch a square... it can be anything. But the creativity of these women is endless!! You can browse a bunch of the women participating by clicking through the names on the right of the blog. I wish I'd known about this when I started maternity leave... 6 weeks times 7 days each week would come out to 42 squares... that would have been neat. Maybe I"ll still do it. Sometime. :-) Too much going on right now, but I do love the idea. Here's a picture of one lady's squares so far... (Make sure you click over to her blog to check it out closer!)

(Photo: Inspire co.)

So, just thought I'd share some of the pretty things I've seen around the web lately. :-)

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