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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

I'm linking up at Kelly's Korner for Show us your life! Today's topic: your kids' (or future kids') names and meanings. So... here's mine:

Whitney Jill
I have always loved the name Whitney. And when I married a man with a "W" last name, I loved it even more! The full name just sounds so beautiful and cute together! My name is unique, so I know I wanted something kind of unique for our special little one, but I didn't want something that was so far out there that people would ask her her name multiple times. And with Whitney being the 509th most popular girl's name, it was a great uncommon but yet still heard of name for our firstborn.

Her middle name is after Sean's mom, Jill. I love that Whitney's name includes a part of his grandma Jill. She passed away when Sean was a teenager, and I never got to meet her but I see a lot of who I think she probably was in Sean and his siblings. While I was pregnant with Whitney, one of the hardest things was knowing that Sean's mom would not be here to be a part of this excitement in our lives. When we found out Whitney was sick, it became beautifully ironic that all the time we had been sad or angry that Jill wouldn't be here to hold Whitney, the truth of the matter was that Jill was actually the first one of all of us to hold her. It is the perfect nomen for our angel.

SO there's my baby's name. We have some that we really like for boys if we are ever blessed with another baby some day, but to be honest, Whitney is really the only girl's name I've liked so much. So.... now its your turn... what are your baby's names and meanings (or future baby's names!)?

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  1. lol-- i have a blog post set to go active tonight about this exact same thing!! How funny is that?

    As far as names I have picked out:

    Julianna Katelynn (Anne is my mom's middle name; Lynn is Josh's mom's middle name)-- this name is like your 'Whitney Jill'-- the perfect name to me!

    Madison Elizabeth

    Winston Lee

    Everett Pressley


    Every single one of those, except Madison, honor our families in different ways. They mean so much to me-- let's hope we have enough kids to cover them!


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