We Voted

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Here's how it went down in our household... pray.  pray.  pray.  vote & pray.  pray.  We know that all existing authorities have been appointed by God; He is the one who sets up kings and removes them.  And through it all, whether my choice for president wins or loses, God remains sovereign.  So we did our little part in history today, exercising the priviledge that has been afforded to us through the sacrifice of many, and voted.  The rest is up to God & we take full comfort and peace in trusting that no matter what Wednesday morning's news tell us, He is still good.  God is sovereign.  And the Gospel remains the true hope-- yea, the only hope-- for this earth. 

And this little cutie, well, she won't vote in her first presidential election until 2032.  That's twenty years from now.  Wow... can you imagine that?
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