Book Review: Trisha's Table

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I love cookbooks! But I only buy and hold onto cookbooks that I actually use. I have no room for collectors’ items on my bookshelf. So when I sat down to read my newest cookbook, Trisha’s Table, I was almost giddy. I love Trisha Yearwood. I read the cookbook cover to cover in one sitting, and have a few impressions from that first read-through. 

The photographs in this cookbook are beautiful. They are wonderfully styled and evoke the down-home Southern style that Trisha exudes. 

The recipes are thoughtfully explained and most all of the ingredients seem easy enough to find. I also love the stories that accompany her recipes… from friends, from family, Trisha’s Table is truly a scrapbook of her nearest and dearest. 

The cookbook is artfully arranged by the common breakdown of breakfast, snacks/appetizers, soups & salads, beef & pork, chicken turkey & fish, pasta, sides, cakes cupcakes & pies, and cookies brownies bars & more. There is also a wide range of food styles— from Basil Pesto Pizza to Pad Thai, with everything in between. 

One other major highlight from this cookbook is the inclusion of several allergy-friendly recipes. Trisha explains how to make cashew cream that is easily exchanged to make several recipes dairy-free. 

I have only one grievance with Trisha’s Table, and that is, there are not enough pictures to accompany the recipes. A dish only tastes as good as it looks, and there were quite a few recipes that sounded good when reading through them, but there was no picture to put with it. 

So as to whether or not this cookbook will stay on my shelf (and in my kitchen), its a yes. Not having pictures with recipes is a big deal to me (I especially love Pioneer Woman’s picture-filled step-by-step cookbooks) but the big “pro” that saved this one is the inclusion of some dairy-free recipes. I can’t wait to try them! If you love Trisha Yearwood, or are a fan of Southern style comfort food, this is a great cookbook for you!!

Though I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for the purposes of this review, the opinions are my own.

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