Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Well, I'm not really a fan of resolutions. In fact, I don't remember the last time I made a new year's resolution. I've been thinking about it a lot this year, and have decided to make some resolutions. But its almost like I need a new word for it.... to me, the word "resolution" almost inevitably denotes a promise you don't intend to keep. But, whatever the word is, I've decided to make a list. And I think the reason I've avoided resolutions in recent years is because I have just been plain lazy....... so we'll see. I'm up for a challenge and some positive changes! :-) So here goes....

2008 Resolutions:

1. Start and finish some of the Bible studies that I have been wanting to do for years.... some I've even started but didn't get past week one.
2. Keep up with this blog ("keep up" is a relative term... so I'll aim for weekly updates, at least).
3. Scrapbook- finish college and some of my vacations and trips

There's more, but that's enough for now.... and about as much personal disclosure as I feel comfortable with right now.....

I've gotta get onto Sean to make his list of resolutions.

Well, we are off to the church in about an hour for our New Year's Eve all-nighter. Oh, joy. :-)

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