Dear Candice Olsen,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear Candice Olsen,
I love your work.

Just look at the seating in this room.... cool blues and rich velvets.... OH! And that window seat... divine.

I love your use of crisp whites coupled with shiny steel and dark woods. Magnifique!

And this bedroom fit for a princess?! Amazing! Again a window seat and rich, crushed rose velvet. Divine, indeed!

And then this living room... the deep blue on the walls, the architectural detail in the accent fireplace wall and there you go again with the crisp whites making everything pop like popcorn! I love it!

I love the way you incorporate all the elements... the earthy tones of wood, the warmth from the fire, the airy-ness from the windows and billowing curtains and the ever-so-slight hints of blue.

But the thing I love most about your work is the way you really light up the spaces... In every one of these designs, the way you illuminate the grandeur of the room is truly spectacular!
The sconces in this living room are to die for!

More goodness of blues, whites, architectural detail and damask (my favorite!)...

Isn't this viewing room fun?! Check out the rug and the accent wall of jumbo paisleys!

Be still my heart. Just sit and admire that wood and steel coffee table for a moment. Beautiful. You can come decorate my house anytime!
A Central Cali Fan of your's :-)
Just thought I'd share those beautiful Candice Olsen rooms with ya'll. :-) Just 'cuz. So there's your daily dose of gorgeous rooms.

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