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Monday, June 28, 2010

If you're looking for a little encouragement on this hot summer Monday morning, you have GOT to click over to this amazing blog and read the latest blog post. Katie is a young woman living in Uganda. She is an American, but lives in Uganda taking care of a houseful of young orphaned girls. Her latest post is about the provision and miracles that God is still doing today... and it was so encouraging for me to read. If you've ever wondered how God works in the world today, click over to HERE for just one example of his ever-loving, ever-lasting kindness!

Blessings on Monday!

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  1. Hello, first time visit to your blog today... It is nice to *meet* you!

    Thank you for the link... I will be sure to have a read. I love testimonies like this one.

    Amanda (Australia)


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