Cupcakes for a Cause

Monday, November 15, 2010

Calling all Tulsa Peeps!!!!

This one's for YOU!

I've made no secret of my love for hand-stamped jewelry designer, The Vintage Pearl. And I cannot wait to visit my hometown again, as TVP has recently opened its very own STORE! (By Zio's on 81st & Lewis). You seriously gotta go in there and check it out. You may remember this Vintage Pearl beauty that my friend Christina gave me....

But, on to the cupcake part..... you can check out her blog HERE where she tells all about it, but a friend of The Vintage Pearl is selling cupcakes by the dozen in order to raise funds for their adoption of two girls from China. They are only $15/dozen!! That is a DEAL, people!!! And, get this-- she will be taking orders for pumpkin cupcakes next week. UM.... HELLLLL-O!!!! Does it get any better than pumpkin cupcakes? I submit that it cannot.

So please, Tulsa friends, because I am stuck out on the west coast, too far from Tulsa to order these, buy some and consume them with joy (and me in mind)! This was just too good to keep to myself, especially since I can't partake of the goodness myself!! Here is the link to the BLOG POST about ordering.... but in case you're too lazy for that, you can email order them by emailing your order to Renae at:

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  1. I've had the pumpkin cupcakes...they are AMAZING!


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