Shutterfly Christmas Cards

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Every year, I send out Christmas cards. I absolutely love it!! I am a huge fan of snail mail, and enjoy doing my part to keep the US Postal Service in business. There is just something so heartwarming about getting an actual envelope in the mail, addressed just to you and yours.

So that’s why I was so excited when I heard about Shutterfly’s Christmas cards! They are giving away 50 free Christmas cards to bloggers who will blog about their plans for using their Shutterfly Christmas cards to send out holiday cheer.

I am no stranger to Shutterfly... In fact, I’ve used them quite frequently. I am an avid scrapbooker and cardmaker, so I am constantly needing to release my digi-prints from their tiny little memory card and have them printed in their full-color, glossy beauty. In fact, I used Shutterfly to print all 300+ of Whitney’s birth pictures (my current scrapbook project). I have always received my printed products very quickly, and they’ve consistently been of superior quality.

So now onto using Shutterfly for this 2010 jolly holiday season... I’ve spent the past half hour perusing the HUGE library of design Christmas Photo Cards... There are more than 800 options for Christmas cards, y’all! Definitely something for everyone. (Warning: Wilson Christmas Card spoiler alert ahead!) Since I plan on using some of our pictures from Egypt for our holiday card this year (think pyramids and camels), here are a few of the designs I’ve narrowed it down to:

But Christmas cards aren’t all that Shutterfly has to offer... In addition to their incredible photo print services, you can also make some great gifts for the holidays, like this awesome desk calendar!

And when the holidays are over, and its time to send out the Thank-you cards to everyone, Shutterfly has got you covered there with an incredible array of personalized thank-you notes.

So.... head on over to and start working on your own Holiday Cards!

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  1. Sheyenne,
    I, too, love the Shutterfly Christmas cards...and note cards...and calendars. Also, everytime we travel, I select a favorite photo or 2 and have it printed on a Shutterfly T-shirt..they make great personal "souvenirs" & are
    great conversation-starters when people see your great photo-shirt.
    Also...I was an avid scrapbooker for years but I quit scrapbooking a couple of years ago. Now I do everything on Shutterfly photo books. I've been incredibly pleased with their products. If you crop a photo for a scrapbook, you leave out some of the photo,
    especially if you are doing a mega-
    page scrapbook. With Shutterfly, and their wonderful assortment of page layouts, you can reduce the size of the entire photo. My most recent was a 12x12 photo book of a vacation to MI/WI...I used 306 different photos, the book had 53 pages and was soooo much thinner than a comparable scrapbook would've been. As many as I have, shelf-space was beginning to be an important factor. Plus, when you do a photo book, there's no scraps to clean up. Recently, I've begun taking pics of license tags, store signs, road signs, entrance signs, etc..that serve as "replacements" for my former use of stickers in the well in the photo books. If you'll email me your email address, I will add you to my Shutterfly website. ALso, if you'll email me your street address, I'll send you one of our Shutterfly Christmas cards!


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