Live Like No One Else....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

So that one day, you can really LIVE like no one else!

This is the motto that Dave Ramsey drills into your head during his Financial Peace University classes. The idea is that you live like no one else right now (paying cash, not eating out, making huge financial sacrifices), so that once all your debt is paid off, you can really LIVE like no one else!


One of the blogs I read, Hooked on Houses, has its finger on the pulse of celebrity housing. Today's post featured Dave's new 13,000 SF mansion in the Cool Springs area of Franklin, TN. Can I just say, WOW? And the article says that there is no mortgage on record for this property... from which we can deduce that 'ol Dave stayed true to his ways and paid CASH (almost $5mil cash) for his new abode. Of course we do'nt know that for sure, but one of the things I've always liked about Dave is that he lives what he preaches, and it works.

Now I can't imagine ever needing a 13,000 SF house and I really can't imagine having the funds to pay for that out of pocket. But that's not the point... the heart of financial peace is to eliminate the enslavement to debt, so that all the money we earn can be given away and given back to God. Sean and I are working towards this goal... and are looking forward to being able to put even more away towards eliminating our debt once Sean has a job again. Imagine all the payments you have in a month that go to debt... student loans, mortgage, credit cards, etc. Now imagine all of those were paid off. What would you do with that money?? The answer: anything you want! Bless a waitress with a huge tip, fund missionaries overseas, feed 100 people Thanksgiving dinner.... really, the possibilities are endless! Of course, you do'nt have to have all your debt paid off to be generous... its all just a matter of making giving a priority.

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  1. Woo-hoo! I'd say I would buy a camera and make my hobby a career! Then I'd tell my hubby he can quit his job and do what he loves and is called to do, because money isn't as tight anymore. And THEN, I'd say he would get an awesome job offer in Virginia and, because we have paid off our debt, we could take it without worrying about the financial aspects of me NOT having a job there.

    Oh wait-- that's what we did! And it's AWESOME! And this is just the beginning. I'm so excited for you guys as you are on the same journey!!


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