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Thursday, December 09, 2010

I came across this video that is a behind the scenes look at a software company called "Infusionsoft". Take a few minutes to watch this video, then tell me that you wouldn't want to work for them! Aside from the vast array of cereals and flavored popcorns available to employees 24/7, and regardless of the indoor football field, tetherball courts and cozy reading room, this company seems to have a few key elements to success.

#1- Leadership. Leaders need to be with their people... that means bosses mingling with their employees on a daily basis (Likewise, lead pastors should be meeting with their support staff in encouragement... none of this "higher than" or "more important things to do" attitude).

#2- Value. Every team member is valued and public appreciation of a job well done is commonplace in successful work (or church) environments. Notice that no one is worried about 'competing' in this business... its about each person playing their part for the betterment of the Company as a whole. (Take that and apply it to minstries working together for the Advancement of the Church as a whole... wonder how much greater our impact would be if our churches were doing this.)

#3- Environment. Its not about "trend" but about encouraging individuality. Creativity thrives where individuals feel most comfortable. I wonder how many more congregants would volunteer in the church and use their God-given talents if they simply felt more welcomed at church. Sad to say, but you know it happens every Sunday... people feel uncomfortable coming to church. And it has everything to do with #1 and #2 on this list.

#4- Fellowship. Notice how the employees here actually enjoy spending time together-- outside of work. That's where relationships are built... in the seemingly insignificant moments of simply having fun together.

What elements of this company stood out to you?

I love what one of the guys says at the end....It's about making sure that people know we value them... and we want to be valued.

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