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Saturday, January 19, 2013

I want to tell you about an organization that is making a difference in the world; there is also an opportunity for you to help RIGHT NOW in that effort.  Here is a little about Blackbox International (from their website):

Blackbox International is a Christ-centered, faith based organization that exists to holistically rehabilitate sex-trafficked boys ages 16 and under. Blackbox exists to provide the aftercare component for boys rescued from sex trafficking. Initially we are looking at the specific issue of boys that are involved with sex tourism. Blackbox seeks to help these boys find healing from their past, joy in their present, and purpose for their future. They need help emotionally, physically, academically and spiritually. They need to learn what it means to be a Godly man. They need nothing less than Jesus, and the hope, joy and peace that comes from him. We believe that they will not only be restored from the hurt and confusion that has been inflicted on them, but we believe that they will one day be men who will change the world.

Why do I care about this organization?  A couple of reasons: For one, National Human Trafficking Awareness day was this month.  At the Passion 2013 conference, 60,000 young adults were challenged to do something about human trafficking.  This modern day slavery is an atrocity of our current day, and we all CAN make a difference.  Supporting this organization is one way you can do that.  As Americans, we have way more than we need.  We are blessed beyond measure.  I can say this, even though we live on only my husband's minsterial salary and things are tight.  Finding "extra" in our budget to do what we can to help in other corners of the world is just part of being a good steward with what God has given us.  So don't tell me you can't give up Starbucks for a month- or even a week- to contribute to this cause.  You all CAN, its just a matter of if you will.

Secondly, I know many of the people behind this organization.  When money is tight, and giving beyond our tithe is indeed a sacrifice, I want to be assured that my money- as little as it may be- will be having the greatest impact it can.  I want to be obedient to giving sacrificially, and to the hands God leads us to.  Several men on staff at Blackbox are friends from college or husband to a dear friend.  A few of their trustees are professors at my Bible College, and one is the minister at the church where I grew up.  I can say with what knowlege I have, these are Godly, upstanding, wise and God-seeking men who I absolutely trust not only with my money but also with the vision God has given them for this ministry.  Finding something like that to support is a rare gem, and I just want to shout it with great enthusiasm that if you are looking to get involved in making a difference in human trafficking, this is a great way to do so.  Their strategy has been well thought-out & researched.  Start by making a donation TODAY to their 50/50 campaign.  Then just see where God leads you from there.  That's what we've decided to do.  I hope you'll at least take a few minutes to check out their website and consider your role.

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