December 2012 InstaGlance

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

December was an incredible month.  You may notice a few new faces in this month's InstaGlance... that's my family!!!  We spent two glorious weeks in Chicago, celebrating my bro's graduation from Univeristy of Chicago, eating delicious meals, playing games, riding the El, eating, cooking, reading, playing in the snow, and just simply being together.  I can think of no greater time in recent years with my family than this past Christmas... it was truly magical!  My friend, Heather welcomed her precious, perfect new baby boy, Jack.  I was inspired by a painting to get out my blank canvases again, and I learned that I really, really, really love oysters with champagne mignonette.  We had a White Christmas and came home to a beautiful winter wonderland.  I discovered a love for bristle blocks, too.  
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