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Monday, April 21, 2014

I recently had the chance to review a childrens' story book Bible. Its called "My Bedtime Story Bible" from Zondervan Publishing. With a toddler who is always curious and loves to hear new BIble stories, I am always on the lookout for the best toddler-geared book of Bible stories. Sadly, this book is not going to be making my list of must-reads for young kids. The summary from the publisher says,  

"My Bedtime Story Bible
 focuses not only on biblical characters and stories, but also on the quiet times of those characters before sleep. Parents will enjoy reading My Bedtime Bible Story to their children just before bed. And children will enjoy hearing stories about bible characters and the truths they can learn from them - all in a manner that promotes quiet, settled moments rather than noisy, busy times."

However, this book does not live up to that summary. In my opinion, it doesn't even come close. Each short two-page story is beautifully illustrated, I will give it that due credit. But as for telling the Biblical stories or addressing the truths of the scripture, that just is not in this book. I understand the angle of a "nighttime" book where the story focuses on fictional evening events of Biblical characters, but it should not be presented as a "Bible." Very few of the short stories in this book have any Biblical basis beyond the  basic setting. For instance, the writers simply talk about Noah saying good-night to all the animals aboard the ark, and falling asleep to the gentle rocking of the boat. I had a myriad of issues with this fabricated story, the greatest of which is that it misses a prime opportunity to talk about God and his loving mercy. Too much of this book is a figment of the writers' imagination, which ordinarily would be ok, if it were not marketed under the guise of a "Bible" for kids. All that being said, I did take the opportunity to further flesh out each Bible story with my toddler, talking about God and where Jesus fits into all of it. Each story has a suggested "tuck in" activity or prayer that I thought was cute. But overall, if you are looking for a Bible for your young children that will bring them the truth of the Gospel, sadly this one is not it. 

 was given a copy of this book by BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. I was not required to write a positive review.
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2 Lovely Words

  1. Hi there! Thanks for this review! I wondered if you had considered this Bible:

    We use it at home for one of our Bibles for homeschool. I love that it is true to the Bible and offers a fun rhyme after each story, colorful (although cartoon-like) illustrations, and uses household items to engage kids. May be a little old for a toddler but it's an idea. :)

    We also just started using 365 Great Bible Stories with our Bible curriculum and so far we have enjoyed it, although it is definitely geared for older kids thematically (our 7 year old is ready for it but I wonder sometimes with our 5 year old and edit as I read at times).

    Thanks again for your review--helpful to read someone's view on it!

  2. Thanks for recommending that one! I will have to look for it. Right now for our 2 year old, the Toddler Beginner's Bible is the best one I have come across. But I will definitely look for this one you recommended!


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