Joanna 13 Weeks

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Joanna had to get some shots this week, as you can see by the band aids on her legs. We are doing a delayed shot schedule so Joanna has been going every month for one or two shots as opposed to receiving 4 shots at one visit. I am not anti-vaccine-- I believe they are very important for babies. I also want our children to be able to travel the world and possibly live overseas with us some day. So vaccines are critical to their health. However, I've chosen not to give her any of the combination shots and to spread them out more than usual, so as to not overload her little body. Polio and other disesases have been eradicated in our country (because of vaccines) but they are still prevalent in many other countries, including nations where Sean and I could potentially see ourselves living or visiting some day.

Joey and Gia actually both got shots at the same appointment, and let me tell you-- that was a mistake. Gia had some pretty traumatic hospital experiences when she was younger and she is terrified of/obsessed with the doctor. I thought we had prepared her pretty well for this appointment, as we constantly watch Daniel Tiger and Doc McStuffins. She even said she was going to be brave then tell Joey to be brave. But when it came down to it, the whole ordeal was a mess. She got hysterical and I had to hold her down with all my might, she started crying so much she almost puked, it was just awful. Sean is most definitely coming with us to the next shot appointment. Joanna handled them like a champ. She cried for a few minutes then slept for 4 days!
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