Joanna 15 Weeks

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This week we are in Arizona visiting my family. Joey got to meet her Papa Sam and Uncle David and Aunt Megan and family for the first time! It is so sunny and beautiful here! We've been all over the place this week-- the zoo, the botanical gardens, a coffee shop, and many more places! Joey has been such a trooper. Its been so wonderful to be able to let Gia play outside. My mom made a beautiful quilt for Joanna and this feather fabric was part of it. I had to go to the fabric store where she bought and get some for myself! Not yet sure what I am going to make of it, but I bought 2 yards. I don't think it translates very well in pictures but it is absolutely beautiful. Aside from being awesome for her first plane ride, Joey found her toes AND rolled over for the first time!!! Yay baby!
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