Fall Photos!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We headed out to our favorite orchard, where we've gone every year since we've lived here. Its such a tradition we couldn't pass it up this year. Plus, Anderson's Orchard has the best prices around. Seriously, 1/2 a peck costs $6-- regardless of the type of apple. At Beasley's Orchard (the other popular one in the area), prices go up to $12!!  Craziness. Plus, Anderson's has You-Pick orchards-- we love it! The day was beautiful, much warmer than last year! And we found a beautiful new spot by a small lake to take some family photos. I'm on a mission to get a good family photo to enlarge, since we don't have one of the four of us yet. I'm not sure if any of these made the cut, but they might!

And just for a little nostalgia...

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