Ana's Senior Pictures!

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

A friend and I lead a teen mom group in our town. We have a great group of some really incredible young moms who are learning a lot and working hard to be the best that they can be for themselves and their babies. One of the biggest hurdles teen moms face is the challenge of completing their education. High school is hard enough as it is, but can you imagine having a baby in the middle of a semester and going right back to class a week later? Well that is exactly what this young lady did. She continued getting up with her newborn daughter throughout the night and making it to class the next morning. She's had support from her family and friends (which is key to success in this area!) but this young mom has truly fought for this diploma, knowing how much it will help her and baby Britton in the future. She has big plans of going on to nursing school and being a Labor & Deliver nurse-- I have no doubt that she will have great success! She invited me out to her house last week-- it is a photographer's dream! Such a beautiful property, a beautiful young lady and hopefully some beautiful pictures to capture the joy and hard work that have led to her success!

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