Whatever Is Lovely

Monday, January 11, 2016

I continue my obsession with the Adult Coloring Book trend with what is by far my favorite book to-date: Whatever is Lovely by Waterbrook Press. This coloring book has almost everything I want in a coloring book, especially one as lovely as this. So let me start by counting the ways I love it:

  • First and foremost, great illustrations. There is a variety of detail in the pictures… some are extremely detailed, others not so much. I like to have variety because sometimes I feel like coloring in teeny tiny spaces but other times, I want the more instant gratification of finishing a page in one sitting. 
  • Inspiring quotes. The quotes in this coloring book are a medley of scripture, hymns and quotes from Christian writers. 
  • One-sided coloring pages. (!!!!!) Every page in this book is one-sided. But, I don’t feel cheated by that. In fact, just the opposite- its what I prefer! I can color with my choice of media- marker, crayon, colored pencil, Sharpie— and not have to worry about it bleeding through and ruining another picture. And while the back of each illustration doesn’t have another coloring page, it isn’t blank.  Thats the best part- it has a related Scripture, hymn, or information about the author who’s quote is illustrated. 
  • Good quality paper. That’s pretty self-explanatory. Each one of these illustrations could be pulled out and framed. 
Which brings me to my short list of things I do not love so much about this coloring book (they’re really not a big deal, just had to find something):
  • The pages are not perforated. Since they are one-sided pages, they are even more perfect for framing. How lovely would it be for them to be perforated for easy removal? 
  • The book/pages are square, making it a little more challenging to find a frame for said frame-able illustrations. But, I think IKEA has some square ones, so problem solved!

Overall, I adore this coloring book. It is my absolute favorite. I can’t wait to color all of the pages and then hang them up in one big gallery wall! You can order the book on Amazon HERE. (Its less than $13!)

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review. 

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