Butterflies In My Tummy

Monday, April 04, 2016

Recently, I was invited to watch and review a short video from Trainingwheelsneeded.com called “Butterflies in my Tummy.” This is a short 10 minute video that combines colorful animation with live action to tell the story of a young boy named Charlie. Charlie is getting ready to go to his very first day of school, but he is a little nervous. He has butterflies in his tummy! Through the help of his mom, friends and teachers, Charlie learns that butterflies always fly away! Butterflies show up when we do something for the very first time, but its ok, because they won’t stay for long. I watched this video with my 4 year old. She is getting ready to start Kindergarten in the fall, and this was such an encouraging video for her to watch! It helps to put words to feelings that for a little person can be difficult to define. After watching this video, we had a great conversation about things that can make us nervous, and what we do when we feel that way. Here’s a short video of some of that conversation that Gia and I had:

Overall, I thought this video was great. Very educational and an excellent conversation starter with my pre-schooler. If you’re interested in downloading this video for your child, you can go here. The video is a great price— only $4.99— and in my opinion, is worth the money! I hope you enjoy it as much as Gia and I did!

I received this video for free in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are completely mine (and Gia’s!). 

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