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Monday, April 04, 2016

I loved this baby video monitor app from Gynoii. It is an app for your smartphone that you can download from either the iTunes store or the android platform of your choice. You download the app to two phones so that one can be the monitor and another phone can be the viewer. Setup really is as easy as they say it is— 1: Download the app; 2: Create an account; 3: Connect the camera to wifi! Once connected, I found the video quality to be surprisingly good. The sound quality is equally impressive. Even in the dark at night, I could still see my baby’s movements and hear her clearly. There are quite a few other features that make this app a must for parents. Here are just a few of my favorite features:
  • The time lapse feature… you can see what your baby does though out the night by watching in time-lapse mode from the recorded video. If you have an active sleeper like I do, I’m always saying, “How the heck did she get in that position!?” Well, now you can watch it happen!
  • Guest accounts… You can give login information to family (hi, grandparents!) and friends to look in on your little one without disturbing them. This is also great for when you are out on a date and want to check in on your (hopefully) sleeping angel!
  • 2-way talk… for those times when you need to sing baby just one more lullaby while she drifts off to dream land or when you need to tell your toddler “nap time is 10 more minutes!"
  • You can use this on your iPad, too! So if you don’t have two smartphones lying around, you can use your phone on one end and the iPad on the other.
Here are a few screenshots from my set up process... pretty easy-peasy. 


I received this app download for free in exchange for my honest review. Final verdict? While I don’t think this will replace my every-day monitor that we use at home, I will definitely use this when we go out of town or when we have babysitters over. Its just a great app to have on hand! I would highly recommend it. If you are interested in downloading this app for yourself, you can go here:

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