Pressing Pause

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus is a devotional book for busy moms in desperate need of some quiet reset moments with God. Written by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk Pressing Pause is full of poignant, peace-bringing words. As they say in their introduction, they hope this devotional will serve as brief daily retreats from the busyness of life— and it absolutely does! While the devotions are not sectioned off into themes or categories, each topic touches on some aspect of daily life as a mom. The words from Karen and Ruth are refreshing, Life-giving and encouraging. We all know that a frazzled mom makes for a frenzied family and the best way to remedy the crazy is to spend moments alone with God. While my devotional and personal quiet time is not as in-depth or as long as I would like it to be in this season of my life, that doesn’t give me an excuse to ignore God altogether. Even just a few minutes a day with Jesus have been attitude- and heart- changing for me. When life gets busy, the first thing I examine is the amount of time I am spending with God. Pressing Pause has been a much-welcomed reprieve in the year-end busyness that always comes before summer brings her lazy days. 

Each devotional reading begins with a verse, followed by a personal story from either Ruth or Karen. It wraps up with a written prayers as well as several application and action questions. There is even room to journal a little bit about the topic or to answer the questions. Every single one of these devotions has hit home for me. There is not a single page in this book that I didn’t identify with. So in a world where there are so many choices for what devotional to read next, the answer is simple: if you are a mom, this book is for you! If a break from the busyness of life is what you need, you can purchase this book HERE on Amazon. 

Thanks to BookLook bloggers for giving me the opportunity to honestly review this book!

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