Control Girl

Friday, February 17, 2017

Control is something that I have always strived for. At times, it is necessary but it can often become an obsession or even a god in one’s life. Shannon Popkin’s book Control Girl was an enlightening read that has helped me to see control as a burden, not a blessing or sign of strength. Popkin illustrates this truth in lessons from seven women in the Bible. These women include Eve, Sarah, Hagar, Rebekah, Leah, Rachel and Miriam. I was familiar with these womens’ stories from years of Bible Study, but had never considered their stories in light of their control issues. I love when I read a familiar Bible passage but find new and applicable truths for my present life!

Perhaps it is the “control girl” inside of me, but I loved this book from the very beginning simply because of its structure. Each chapter is focused on one of the above mentioned women’s story, and each chapter is split up into 3 to 5 different lessons. It is so clear and easy to read— I love it! And totally appreciate the divisions in the book because as a busy mom, I can often forget what I’ve read in the previous pages. This structure allowed me to retain a lot more of the information because the chapter breaks were clear and sensical. I also really appreciated the reflection questions at the end of each “lesson.” These questions were deep and thought provoking, and because I spent time pondering them, many of the lessons I really needed to hear have stuck with me for several weeks after the book was finished. 

Lest you think this book is all serious and thought provoking, it is also funny!! Popkin writes with a sense of humor that is still reverent to the subject matter but that keeps readers engaged and wanting to read more. If you struggle with control— giving it over to God, or wanting too much control in your life— Control Girl is a great book for you. I would definitely recommend it! 

A big thanks to Litfuse for allowing me to read a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review!

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