Experiencing God Through His Names

Friday, October 14, 2016

What is in a name? A lot, actually. For centuries, a person’s name has held deep meaning. Whether it is a family name passed down though generations or a name that is earned through bravery and valor, names can tell us a lot about a person. God has revealed himself through his Word in many different ways, and one of my favorite ways to get to know God better is through studying his names. God gives himself a multitude of monikers throughout scripture, each revealing a unique truth about the core of his being. I even have a notebook that I keep with me when I study— in it, I write down every name of God I encounter in scripture. That is the main reason why Sheryl Geisbrecht’s book “Experiencing God Through His Names” really piqued my interest.

Experiencing God Through His Names is written in a 31-day devotional format.  Each day is one to two pages that focuses on one specific name of God. A few of these names include Adonai, Father, El Bethel. Each day includes a personal story from the author that connect to each name of God, as well as instances in Scripture where this name is used. Some of the names also go deeper in studying the Greek or Hebrew meaning.

I have found this book to be extremely helpful in my praises and petitions before the Father. I pray these names back to him (You are Father, You are my Adonai, etc..) and have found a deeper connection to each of those aspects of who God is in my life. Overall, this is a great little book. It can be used as a devotional book, a reference book or a quick bedside read. Regardless of the manner in which you consume this book, it will no doubt leave an impact on the way you view God. The only complaints I have about this book would be technical- I felt that the book needed some stronger editing to stay consistent in prose (and punctuation/capitalization) and concise in content. But the overarching truths of this book still ring out loud and clear.

I received this book for free from Litfuse but chose to review it of my own accord. All opinions are my own! 

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