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Monday, January 01, 2007

We've been married almost 6 and a half years, and in that short amount of time have had quite an adventure. Here's just a glimpse....

* We've lived in 4 different cities....
* Moved 5 times....
* Lived in 5 houses/apartments...
* Lived in 3 different states...
* And bought two houses.
* Between the two of us, we've held 12 different job titles (sometimes more than one at a time... working while young and married in college sometimes leads to weird shifts and multiple jobs!)
* We've traveled to dozens of cities and states, and two countries together (we'll be adding several more countries to our world travels soon!)
* We've owned 3 cars
* We have two cats, our fur babies
* We have one daughter in heaven, Whitney and another daughter on the way, Gianna.

Its been a busy six and a half years, and we wouldn't change one second of it for anything! So now some pictures, because we all know that pictures are more interesting. :-)

Here we are in Monterey, Ca.

From when we lived in NC.... lol.
Fun times in Viriginia Beach!
Our first date!

This was our first trip to Italy together.... we were at the train station in Riccione!
Our most recent world travel was to Egypt... It was awesome!

This is a goofy picture from a couple of Christmases ago.... gotta love Sean's red shirt with green sweater vest. Hey, at least the cats are both sorta looking at the camera.
Fur baby one: Seal (this is Sean's).
Fur baby two: Duke (he's mine!)

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