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Friday, August 21, 2009

So, here's how it all went down when I found out I was pregnant. Sean went to Spirit West Coast on July 29, and I took my first PT on July 30. After so many years of seeing only one line on those things, I couldn't be sure I was seeing correctly. So what's a girl to do? Call her best friend, of course!! So I called my BFF Tracy, and she freaked out with me. :-) She told me to go get more tests and take them too. So I did that at lunchtime, hence my six pregancy tests!

I called Tracy again at lunch, and she asked me "Was one of your lines a little bit lighter than the other?" I told her "Well, kinda." She then told me that she just took a pregnancy test and is pregnant too!! She was going to the dentist that afternoon and was about to take her Valium, but decided she should take a quick PT just to be sure she wasn't pregnant. What a surprise!!! Finding out that my Best Friend and I were pregnant on the same day is one of my greatest memories EVER. I am so greatful to God for that time with her!

(On a quick side note... I thought all along that I was about 8 weeks pregnant, and she thought she was 11 weeks or so. So when I went to the dr. yesterday and found out I was only 5-6 weeks I was shocked. Tracy had her first appointment today, and can you imagine her surprise to find out that she, too is only 6 1/2 weeks pregnant?!?! CRAZY! I have no idea how the pregnancy tests detected our pregnancies SOOOO early. That is really unheard of! No matter how things turn out, I will always cherish that memory with my best friend!)

So, I found all this out on Thursday, and Sean wasn't due home until LATE Saturday night! I had to keep all of this a secret from him because I really wanted to tell him in person. So, I came up with a little scavenger hunt for Sean when he got him. I figured since I had all this time to come up with a way to tell him, it had better be good!

For his first clue, I bought a little jar of BB's, because the baby was about the size of a BB at that point (well, or so I thought at the time!).... I put the BB's and a card in his truck so he'd have it to think about on his drive home. Here's the card:

"This treasure hunt is more of a game
I really hope you don't think its lame.
Clue # 1
You'll shoot your eye out
is the old fable
Your next clue is waiting at
home on the table."

The next clue had to do with the baby's due date (or what I thought it would be at that time...)

Clue # 2
"They call it 'March Madness'
with good reason, too.
But what could this mean for
handsome 'ol you?"

Clue # 3
"This is a brush
But its not for a tooth
What, then could be
Its possible use?"

Finally, he ended up in our bedroom, where I handed him my Bible and had him read this verse: (Sean said he knew I was pregnant when I handed him the Bible!)

20 "See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared. ... 25 Worship the LORD your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you, 26 and none will miscarry or be barren in your land. I will give you a full life span." Exodus 23:20-26

Before Sean got home, I searched ALL OVER Fresno for two things: a card saying something like, "You're gonna be a daddy!" and a Duke or Cincinnati baby outfit. I was really surprised that I could not find a single card ANYWHERE... not Hallmark, Wal-Mart, Target- NOWHERE had a good "Congrats Daddy" card. However, it was no surprise I couldn't find a Duke or Bengals baby outfit. So I had to settle for something else. I made the card and found a still cute outfit:

(Inside it says "We Did It!" Sorry if you're offended- ok, I'm really not. Sean loved it because this is so totally my sense of humor.)

So that's the story of how I told Sean. I caught it on video, but have chosen not to post it. Rather I am going to just keep it and treasure it as the greatest moment to date for the two of us. Anxieties have tried to creep into my mind a lot, especially since finding out I'm not as far along as I thought. However, I am constantly reminded that perfect love drives out all fear. :-)

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3 Lovely Words

  1. That is an awesome way of telling him! You guys are going to be the BEST parents!

  2. I love the way you told him! You're so creative :)

    That's so awesome that you and your best friend get to go through this together! What a great story to tell your children.

    And yeah...pregnancy tests can show that you're pregnant CRAZY early. I was only 4 weeks along when I got my positive test.

    I am so so so happy for you!! I'll be praying for a smooth, healthy pregnancy :)

  3. That's so creative!! I don't know how you kept it a secret!!! There is no way I'm pretty sure I'll tell 20 people in the first hour. Unless I start thinking about a really creative way now...but he asks me every day if I've tested, lol.


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