So Long Furry Friend

Friday, July 01, 2011

I am heartbroken today. If you don't like cats, skip this post and continue on your merry way to the next blog in your Reader. We had to put my beloved kitty boy, Duke, to sleep today. After a cross-country move, a new baby, and living in close quarters for the past 4 months, he just couldn't take it anymore and frankly, neither could we. Its not that he did anything really horrible, its just that we knew he wasn't happy and we weren't either.

Years ago, Duke got a urinary tract infection that led to a bad habit of peeing outside his litter box. He would go in phases where he'd be fine, but then other times, he'd pee on our things like piles of laundry or bags we'd left out. It got to where we were constantly having to worry about picking up behind ourselves in fear that if Duke had a "mad moment" he'd pee on something.

Because of this we've been having to keep Duke exclusively down in the basement where we are living. To go from a big, sunny house with lots of windows, free reign and access to the Great Outdoors to a smaller basement with little windows and now access outside was tough on our little guy. He was becoming increasingly angry and defiant and it broke my heart.

Sean tried everything to make him happy... bought him special food, gave him special treats, and even took him outside to brush him regularly. It would appease Duke for a little while, but then he'd just go back to being mad. So, we made the really difficult decision to put him down today. Duke has been my baby since before Sean and I were married. In May of 2004, before our wedding, Sean and I went to a friend's house and picked out our kitties when they were just hours old. He picked Seal and I picked Duke. The day we drove home from our honeymoon, we stopped by to pick up our kittens before we even went to our house. They are brothers and have the exact same markings, even though one is orange and one is brown/gray.

They love each other so much. They snuggled together all the time. One of my favorite things was finding them on the couch or a bed, all wrapped up in each other. Sometimes, it looked like they were even holding hands. Duke & Seal played together, chased each other around the house, and looked out for each other. They had each other's back when they were exploring in the neighborhood in Fresno, and I'm sure they kept each other company when Sean and I were away on vacations. They were troopers... we've moved them from Missouri to North Carolina to California to Ohio. I was hoping he'd make it to the move to Indiana, and with just a week to go, it seemed possible. But he just couldn't take it any more.

I am going to miss so much about Duke... he was the greatest cuddler. He had the softest fur of any cat I have ever felt... if you've ever touched a chinchilla, it was almost as soft as that. When I was sick and pregnant with Whitney, and after her loss when I just wanted to stay in bed, Duke would come curl up against me. He'd stay that way all day. Duke was a smart cat, too. He learned early on how to open doors. I have video of him opening the front door in our house in Fresno. He and Seal would work together to get outside... master escape artists. He also loved tuna... he could smell me opening a can from across the house!

The Wilson household is now another "person" short. :( We miss him so much and its only been a few hours. But, I know he has to be happier now.... and I choose to believe for my peace of mind that just like All Dogs Go To Heaven, Cats do too. At least good ones like Duke.

For more about Duke thru the years, check out my other Duke posts.

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3 Lovely Words

  1. So sorry for your loss. I'll always remember fond times whenever I visited your home. Praying for you all. XO CB

  2. I am so sorry for your loss! :( I can't imagine how hard of a decision that must have been for you guys. Losing a pet is so hard! I am sure that Duke is up in Heaven now and so happy!

  3. Oh Sheyenne, I'm so sorry to hear about Duke! He was truly a member of your family-- thoughts & prayers for you!


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