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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Do you ever find yourself narrating your life inside your head like a blog? Maybe I'm the only strange one, but almost daily--weekly for sure-- I'll be out and about and come across an interesting situation or encounter someone that will get my gears grinding.... and I think to myself all these philosophical thoughts that would make a great blog... but I'm never close to a computer! This is my dorky confession of the day. :-) But it explains the lack of wit in this blog, because nothing particularly interesting has prompted this entry.... just the houding knowledge that its been way too long since I have updated.

But, a few things are new in our life.... we're buying a house! Its gorgeous! I have pics on my Facebook and Myspace, if ya wanna see. Or just ask. I may post some here when I have more time. It was a crazy ordeal... we saw the house on Friday, made on offer on it before we even left the house that day and by Monday we found out there were 11 other offers on it! We upped our offer just a bit, assuming we wouldn't get it... but then we did ! I have no idea why or how, but we are hoping to close by the 28th! So that is exciting but also scary! Oh, and we just found out that our car has no A/C. No, its not broken, it just DOESN"T HAVE IT. Yeah, we got bamboozled when we bought the darn thing. It was December, so we didn't even THINK about A/C.... and its a 2002 Honda.... I never would have thought in my wildest dreams Honda would sell a 2000 or later model with no A/C.... apparently they do. So, seeing as that is our only car, A/C is less than a luxury here in Central Cali.... more of a dire necessity. But, a refridgerator is also a necessity... so we'll have to see.... we may be sweatin' a lot this spring and summer!

Other than that, life is good. My family (including my adorable 6 month old niece) came to see us a few weeks ago, and my best friend, Tracy is coming in a little over a month, as is my Father In Law, Jay! We're excited....

Anyways, there's an update.... no promises on the next one, though I really will try!

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