Update... again. at last.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Well, here it is, once again more than a month since I last updated. I have no good excuse, other than that I forgot the password. *laughs*

Sean has been at a y outh ministry conference in Chicago all week, and I am so ready for him to be home. He actually got to see my parents while he was there too!... I was jealous. Mom and Dad and Dave were in Chicago for a reception for incoming Freshman at DePaul (where my bro is going next year)... so I talked to my dad last week and told him Sean was in Chi-Town, and he said they were gonig to be there Sat & Sun, so they met up for dinner!

In other news, its freaking hot here in California! 90-some degrees today... and its APRIL! Ugh! Our car still doesn't have A/C... so we have to make an appointment to get one installed... (See post on BAMBOOZLED!) I've spent the majority of the past two days making some curtiain for our living room. I've never done that before... the first one took 9 hours... ugh. But the second one only took about 2 hours. So taht's good. And in the end, no more glare on our TV. yay!

My BFFFEEEE Tracy is coming to see me on Wednesday! I can NOT wait!!! We're going to San Fran on Thursday and Friday... I'm so excited... I've never been there before! We're staying on Lombard Street, near Fishermans' Wharf. We found a great crab restaurant to go to and I am so stoked. Mostly, I just can't wait to be with my best friend again. There is something so sweet about friendship. Its just absolutely indescribable. Someone who is not related, but loves you like a sister.... someone who is truthful, honest and not afraid to tell it like it is. Someone who listens to my gripes and rationalizes my fear away. She's great and I miss her so much! I am grateful for the friends I have already here in California, but Tracy and I's relationship is so different, so unique... something that has been shaped by years and circumstances and that can never be subsitituted or replaced. So, i'm stoked to see her!

In May I get to go home for my baby brother's graduation! I can't believe he's that old! Crazy. Then its a loooooong hot summer in Cali, followed by a fabulous weekend in Vegas in Septemeber with my BFFs Tracy (of COURSE), Will and Wade and Chad. :-) I can't WAIT. We're doing it up big this year becuase shortly after, Tracy and I (and our hubby's of course) are hoping to start trying for babies!!! I guess I should phrase that as Sean and I, and Tracy and Jim are hoping to start trying next Fall for a baby. That's better. I have the baby fever, but know that i'm not emotionally ready to start trying again. So some goood, quality friendship and family time, as well as time to settle in to our new house should do my heart some good. :-)

Church is well.;.... I am starting another girls' bible study (at their request!) on Sunday a.m. and I am really excited about it! I still miss the kids in NC a LOT but am slowly getting to know more and more people here. So that's good.... Hmmm not much else. I'm just ready for Sean to get home tomorrow!!!

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