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Saturday, April 26, 2008

So, we have noisy neighbors. And, suffice it to say, this irks me more than just a little bit. Thumping club music was something I had hoped we left behind in the apartments. We're paying a hefty mortgage, and it ticks me off a great deal to have to deal with noisy parties... maybe if we lived in a different area of town, I'd expect it... but this is a family neighborhood. A nice part of town. There's kids and old people all around. And apparently, there's also one house with partying 30-somethings who can't seem to leave their 20-something habits behind.

I've called the cops 3 times now (we've lived here just over a month!) and have gone over there at 11:30 pm to ask them to turn the music down. NOTHING has worked... they just don't get it... well, more likely, they don't care.
Anyways, that's the most excitement I've had all week. hahaha. We were going to go hiking in Yosemite this weekend, but decided against it... its supposed to be hot this weekend and we don't have a/c in our car. I started a new job this week... and its going well! That's all for now!

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