The World Is Not Flat

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

As my husband's dreams were going down in smoke as Fresno State lost their once-in-a-lifetime shot at winning the college baseball championship, I was busy researching and planning our next big project: re-doing the fireplace in our living room and adding some major crown molding, wainscoting and a bookshelf. As I googled "wainscoting fireplace" I came across an amazing blog that oddly, has nothing to do with wainscoting or fireplaces. Nonetheless, I was intrigued...

Here's the Blog: TheWorldIsNotFlat

Its about one couple's journey on a year long vacation around the world. Its incredible the things they've seen and the places they went, the adventures they had. I haven't read it all yet (I know what I'm doing the rest of tonight!) but how cool would that be!? You should seriously check it out. I think dreaming of our 'next big project' has turned into dreaming of our 'next big adventure!'

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