Bullet Form

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

As I seem to be at a creative road block (going on 13 months of that....), today's update will be in bullet form, as it comes to my brain:

* My mind just went blank... really.... i had like 15 bullets, then it just went away.... ever have days like that? .... hum deee dum.... oh yes, its coming back....

* I wonder if I turned off the tv or shut off the internet, would my creativity return?

* Who really has time to be creative these days?  I mean really... if you are a person who works a typical 8-5 office job, and you still have time/energy/inspiration to be creative, PLEASE tell me how.  I'm DYING to know... this seems to be the consistent pull in my life.

* I am sick (sore throat- not pregnant) for the 2nd time in less than 2 weeks. Ugh.  It sucks.

* But the California weather we are having is GREAT!  Its unseasonably chilly and foggy... usually it isn't like this til January (from what I gather).  Every morning I hold my breath that it will be foggy and cold again.....

* My husband loves me so much... and most of the time I don't even deserve how good he is to me.  I love him!

* Like most things, sushi is best after a long period of not having it.  

* This bullet list is not going anything like I had planned in my head.  

* Today, I was delivering a report to a client at a business in town... it was dark and chilly and kinda drizzly...the only light I had was from the christmas bulbs on the building... there was a guy smoking outside, so the air stunk of smoke... but then I inhaled a deep breath of something sweet and nostalgic... I looked up and saw I was standing under a beautifully trimmed magnolia tree.  It was beautiful and smelled delicious.  I really missed North Carolina.

* I'm really allergic to my cats and it makes me really sad.  Seriously, though... i,.... *gasp* can't *gasp* breathe.  I'm hoping the 4 shots that I get each week will start to kick in so I don't have to find a new home for my babies.

* I finally saw Twilight.  I'm glad I read the books first, because the movie would not make me want to read the book.  But I also don't think they expected the movie/book to be so huge.  So I'm hoping the studio invests in some acting lessons for bella and edward and the rest of the cullen gang, as their skills just weren't cutting it in the first one.

* Ah, teenage angst.  Is there any hope for our youth?  (I'm watching Gossip Girl right now... hence, the randomness)

*um, k.... that's it for now................. christmas tree to put up sometime this week, presents to finish, photo cards to make, so much to do so much to do.....

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  1. I feel like I am just now starting to get my creativity back after a very long absence. Anyway, I feel your pain.

    I'm feeling ok. I'm due on the 29th, but I have a feeling he'll be coming sooner than that.

    I hope your allergies get better! How sad it would be to give up your kitties.


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