Here's The Deal

Thursday, April 08, 2010

So here's the deal:

I love blogging. I need to update this blog about our life in general more often. And even if I update it just because I'm avoiding other areas of my life, namely the recent loss of our baby girl, I plan on updating more frequently. We'll see if that happens. :-)

Here's another deal:

I just had a baby, which means I have baby weight. But it especially sucks because I don't have my baby in my arms to make it all "worth it." Whitney is worth every ounce I still have with me, but not having her here makes me all the less motivated to lose it. Weird, I know. I can't explain it really. But all I know is, my clothes don't fit. Like, clothes that fit when I was pregnant don't even fit now. So I either hit the gym (not a fan), or buy new clothes. Currently, I pay $39 for a gym membership I've rarely used. I guess that would translate into a new pair of pants each month? Hmmmm... I think I'll start working out with hubby.

Here's yet another deal:

My asthma's been getting worse. It's all because of my allergies (thank-you, Valley life agriculture). Never had it before we moved here. I'm ready to move home to OK. What can't be great about a state who's abbreviation is "OK"? Anyways... in an effort to control my asthma naturally (meaning, without meds from my allergist that are non-TTC friendly) I am being more careful about the food allergies that plague me... namely, dairy. So tonight I tried goat cheese on my pasta salad instead of feta cheese. Not so great. Hmmm... gonna have to rethink this. Do you have any idea how many foods contain dairy? Almost everything I love to eat! Even simple things... like Zingers, M&Ms, hot chocolate and potato chips. This could take some getting used to.

So that's all right now. :-)

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2 Lovely Words

  1. I've thought about you, pregnancy weight (although you can't really see it in pictures or anything), and Whitney. I don't blame you-- it's the last physical remembrance of your pregnancy on your body.

    I love how you commemorate her life through everything you do! I keep looking for things that say "Whitney" around town to take a picture of, but haven't found any yet. :)

    Hope your workout goes well! I've started visiting the tanning bed at my gym and I've learned that I will get up at 5am to go tanning & workout, but not just workout. Hey- it may not be great for me, but it gets me to the gym!

  2. I can totally understand!!
    It has been just over 3 months for us and I have yet to see a change!!
    I have been running and doing Yoga!!
    Whats the deal...still have that constant reminder of a stretched out belly and no baby :(


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