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Friday, April 09, 2010

I read a lot of blogs. A lot. I just like reading and marveling at the beauty that lies in each and every one of us... in our own quirky ways. Some are silly, some are crafty, some are realtives and friends, and some are seriously life-changing. Like this one from Anne Jackson. She is currently in East Eurpe & Russia right now on a trip to expose and explore the world of human sex trafficking.

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Her latest post, The Sex Cafe, blows my mind. Scares me to death. Breaks my heart. Makes me sick to my stomach. Leaves me begging for a way to get involved with a solution. Take 5 minutes to make the jump and read her post. Then pray. PRAY for the girls who are trafficked every day. PRAY for the men involved. PRAY for Christ's light to shine in this darkness. And SEEK a way to get involved. I don't know yet where I fit, but I know we all have a spot somewhere.

If you jump and read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts. The scariest part about her post? I can picture it all happening in my head. She writes so clearly and paints the picture perfectly. Only its not just a 'picture' conjured up by words strung together. Its reality. For hundreds of thousands of women and children every year.

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  1. My my, you've done it again. How do you FIND these blogs? I enjoy the blogs of friends and such, but when it comes to finding random, awesome blogs, I rarely find something good. I love her blog though. It's so passionate.

  2. I've been reading Anne's blog for a while. I LOVE what a great storyteller she is. I was reading her Sex Cafe post and my heart just kept breaking. So glad you're suggesting her site to others too!


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