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Friday, July 16, 2010

So another blog on my blogroll is the blog of Whittaker Woman... Like the majority of my bloroll reads, I don't know her personally but somewhere, someday when I was bloghopping, I happened upon her 'corner' of the 'net and liked what I read so I bookmarked it. Today, she had a post of things she wants do while she's alive... so that reminded me of a list my best friend and I made years ago.

Kristina and I were BEST friends... like, BEST friends with a capital B-E-S-T! We met in 7th grade, both the new kids in a small private school; both equally disgruntled with our parents for taking us out of our 'perfect' life in public school. We clicked immediately. And one day, we made a list. A list of things we wanted to do before we died. But not only was it a list of things we wanted to accomplish, we wanted to accomplish them together. It was a really cool list, and I wish I knew where it was... I'm going to do some digging and try to find it tomorrow. Kris has always been the daring one... skydiving, hang gliding, bungee jumping, etc. I'm the more travel-oriented one... visit Paris, Italy, etc. So it made for an interesting list, that's for sure. The fun thing was, though, by the time we'd graduated High School, we'd actually accomplished quite a few of the things on our list. We went to Florida together one year on Spring Break. We ran track together. Built a giant blender for homecoming (not that that was on our list... it was just something fun we did). We volunteered at a hospital as candy stripers one summer... and we were always trying to find the morgue but were too scared to actually go beyond the door where we thought it was. Good times. I really hope I can find that list... If I do, I'm going to send it to her and see how many things we've collectively crossed off it!

Ok, so now, here's my list (at least, all that I can think of at midnight)....
- Visit Europe (Italy, France, Germany, England, Switzerland, Spain)
- See the Colosseum
- See the Eiffel Tower
- Go on the Pauline Missionary Journey
- Go to Israel
- Go to Egypt
- Stand inside the Pyramids
- Touch some heiroglyphics (crazy, right?!)
- Ride a camel
- See a mummy
- Visit a rain forest
- Work in an AIDS hospital
- Live in a muslim country
- Learn to speak Arabic
- Learn Latin
- Write a book
- Climb Mt. Whitney
- Climb Half Dome
- See a sunset at the Grand Canyon
- Raft the Royal Gorge
- Learn to quilt
- See Garth Brooks in concert
- Visit Morocco
- Fly first class on a really long flight :-) (a girl can dream right?)
- Sew a dress (like one I'd actually wear)
- Throw a really great party for a friend
- Be in ministry with the man I love :-) (this is only half-crossed out, not because I'm not married to the man I love, but because its not finished yet! God's still got a lot for us to do!)
- Wear red lipstick
- Have my pictures done professionally... hair, make-up, clothes, photoshop... the whole 9 yards. Its my theory anyone can look like Sandra Bullock with all that magic....
- Lead a complete stranger to Christ

Hmmmm.... ok that's good for now. So, what's on your list? Has it changed as you've grown?

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4 Lovely Words

  1. I've been working on a list similar to this! Josh and I have had babies on our minds lately but don't feel like it's the right time just yet, so we're making a "Baby Bucket List"-- things we want to accomplish before we have a little one. It gives me something else to look forward to so I don't think about babies all the time! I never finished the post, though-- maybe that's what I'll post tonight!

  2. Love the list. If you want help/info on whitney and half dome just let me know. Both require a permit.
    whitney is a lottery, I got it the first year I tried.
    Half dome only needs a permit on f-sun.
    Have fun. H

  3. This is very cool. I need to make my list ASAP...

  4. Love this list! You're doing GREAT on it!


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