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Friday, July 16, 2010

My friend, Jenny posted this on her blog, and since its been a while since I've posted on here... I thought it was a fun thing to put up. :-0 thanks, Jen!

. What is your favorite store to shop at? Whole Foods. LOVE!

2. What do you do for a living? I work for a non-profit pregnancy resource center. I talk about sex and help run our mobile clinic.

3. What state do you live in? California

4. Favorite color? Red!

5. Worst household chore? Bathroom...I haaate cleaning the bathroom. DH and I have an agreement... he always does the toilets.

6. What time do you go to bed/wake up? I've been going to be later and later... I just can't sleep! Which means I wake up later and later.....

7. Favorite hobby? Lately its been organizing things... is that a hobby? But I really like being crafty... which is why I've been organizing... I need a neat and pretty work space to feel inspired to be crafty. :-)

8. What color are your toes painted? They are black with a white french-tip. I got overly excited about painting my nails the other night.

9. Do you have kids/want kids? If so, how many? I have one little girl in heaven. We're hoping for more some day soon.

10. Do you have a blog, what is the link? I have a couple blogs but obviously, the one you're reading this on now, plus the blog about our daugher, Whitney is :-)

Care to play along???

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