Designer Gowns?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We are in full swing of Award show season, also known as, "the most wonderful time of the year" (sung to the tune of the Christmas carol), in my opinion. Social Network swept the Globes, and while I have yet to see that movie (its sitting in my living room right now, to be viewed tonight), I'm hoping it doesn't sweep the Oscars as well. Oscar noms are announced this next week, and the Grammy's are just right around the corner.

One of my favorite parts-- ok, THE favorite part-- of Award show season is the fashion... the gowns, the tuxedo's, the shoes, the hair, the jewels, oh my! Earlier today I was looking on Amazon, and came across a different kind of designer gown....

That's right.... Designer Maternity Delivery Gowns!!! How cute are these things/!? They have all the snaps in the right places, and the required open-in-back ability, but they are oh-so-much cuter than their papery thin, pale blue counterparts commonly found in most hospitals. At first, I balked at these and kind of laughed at the vanity of the type of mother who would pay $50 just to look good during delivery.... but then I found myself being sucked in to the adorable fabrics, and realized, Who am I kidding? I am one of those mothers-to-be who might possibly care about fashion even in the midst of delivering a child. And even if there were to come a point where I didn't care (and I know this will be the case-- I'm not THAT vain!), I could quite possibly still look effortlessly good with the help of one of these beautiful gowns. Right? At any rate, I love them, and think they're totally cute.

And I may or may not have proceeded to add one one of these Sabrina Gownie darlings to my Amazon wish list.

So what do you think!? Crazy? or Cute?

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4 Lovely Words

  1. Oh my goodness, those gowns are adorable! I would buy one, but probably not for $50! I have seen women on the show "A Baby Story" wearing them. So cute!

  2. I think they are TOTALLY you!

  3. I won't lie, these are so, so cute!


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