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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My nesting instincts have kicked into high gear which really sucks because we are moving... and I can't do anything about these urges to organize, decorate and prettify my house. We put our house on the market yesterday, so we have to keep it really clean, and if you've ever tried to sell a house, you know how much that just plain stinks.

So, since I can't do anything about my urges to prettify a nursery, I turned to Polyvore. An interior decorator's best friend. Here are my two choices for a nursery theme.... they're totally different, if you couldn't tell. One is pink and girly and cute... the other is pretty neutral. I am loving cute owls right now, so I think I will have that as a little theme in either scheme. I'm thinking handmade pillows, stuffed animals, crib mobiles and DIY artwork.

While I don't really need to decide on anything soon (we don't even know where we're moving or if we'll even have our own place when we bring Gianna home), this is as close as I can get to scratching the "pregnant and nesting" itch. So.... what do you think? Which nursery scheme do you like best?

Pretty & Girly

Nice & Neutral

Personally, I'm more of a neutral kind of gal, but who can resist those Pottery Barn Brooke crib sheets/!??!?!

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  1. Go girly! You won't regret it. I was NEVER a pink girl and suddenly when we were planning for Natalie it was all thinks pink. And white. And polka dot, ha! Every time I walk in her room it makes me happy and lighter. I can see a little girl playing in there (me too!) for years to come.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cute and girly one, but personally, Josh and I plan to get all the big stuff in neutral colors so that we can reuse them between (hopefully!) boys and girls. (Plan-- as if we have any control!) So it just depends on which way you want to go!

    That stinks about not being able to "nest" like you want-- you are a nester even when you're not pregnant!

  3. I had to laugh at what you wrote, Susan about nesting even when I'm not pregnant-- that is so true! I didn't even really think about that!! Ha ha!

  4. I like both! Very cute! The girly/pink option could easily allow her to grow into it early into her tween/teen years. It's not so "kidish" that it wouldn't last. The neutral option is very peaceful (we went with neutral options for K's room) and not gender specific. Could also be changed into a guest bedroom option if your little one were to decide to want to switch rooms, etc. (i think my brothers and I always had different rooms growing up.. I'm pretty sure I had my bedroom in all three different rooms in the house. LOL

  5. I haven't been good at keeping up with blogs since my daughter was born... CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy. I know I am VERY late!! Anyways, I love the first one. The second one is cute too, but I love girly! :) They are both beautiful though!! Oh, and I love the name Gianna!

  6. I love both of them! The neutral would also make a great guest room (just add bigger bed). I like the girly choice, too, and it's not so "baby" that it'll need changed out soon. Your taste in decor is awesome!


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