My Prayers Are Changing

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I recently read this blog post by Kelly and it has completely changed the way I pray for Gianna.  She mentions a friend who told her "Don't be the reason your kids choose comfort and safety."  Instead, pray that they will be more like Christ.  That they will have his heart for the nations, his love for all mankind and a passion to bring glory to his name.

I think about the future... where our family may go, the things we may do.  And we have been praying prayers and dreaming dreams that aren't what most would consider "safe."  In fact, most would balk at our notions for the future, and chastize us for wanting to raise children in foreign places that aren't "safe."  Right now, these are just dreams, stirrings in our hearts that we are remaining open to.  And while there is that passion in our hearts, I'm also so often tempted to pray safety over my daughter... that no harm or illness will ever come her way.  While I may still pray that to some extent (I don't necessarily think that's wrong), I'm realizing that it is not about safety or comfort or having an easy life.  If Gia has to go through something in life that may be painful, but it will ultimately make her more Christlike, and bring glory to God through that, I want to pray that she will have the strength to perservere and emerge more like Christ.  And I pray that I will have the wisdom to walk beside her and be there for her as her mother, mentor and biggest supporter.

I could write more, but the stirrings in my heart are essentially what Kelly has beautifully written... Here's the blog... its worth a read!
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