Book Review: Heaven In Her Arms

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Heaven In Her Arms

By Catherine Hickem

One of the single most fascinating people of the Bible, to me, is Mary, the mother of Jesus.  In different seasons of my life, I have thought about her life, her heart, and her willingness to forsake everything in order to partake in the plan God had for her life.  Catherine Hickem's book, Heaven in Her Arms is a fantastic, intimate look at the life and heart of Mary.  Hickem takes her readers on a journey, to the very heart of who Mary was.  We see early on, that God chose Mary as participant in his plan of Salvation based not on lofty heritage, but based on the righteous condition of her heart.  I deeply appreciate the eloquent way in which this book examines Mary's response to the angel's news that she was to give birth to the Son of God.  She was not without fear or questions- in fact, she was very honest about both of those things.  But, her fear did not consume her and her questions were an honest response to quite shocking news.  I agree with the author when she writes that she is grateful that Mary asked God questions.  "She was able to quickly comprehend the situation she was in and authentically put her concerns before God."  Oh, that I am able to do that in difficult situations, as well!  It is through asking God honest questions that we authenticate our relationship with Him, seeking deeper truths about who God is.  The book continues to examine every aspect of Mary as the mother of Jesus, including the facts that Mary knew being a mother would be difficult, she knew to be there when things got tough, she would have to let her Son fulfill his purpose, she knew to stay connected and she knew to be a woman of prayer.  

Every aspect of Mary's life that Hickem writes in this book is directly applicable to moms today.  Sure, the times are vastly different, but many things remain the same.  This book spoke directly to my new mommy heart, and both challenged and comforted me on this journey.  Each chapter helped me to look at my relationship with my own mother in a different light, as well as my newest role as a mother to my little girl.  Raising children is a difficult task, that's for sure.  But somethings are just as true today as they were when Mary received the life- and world- changing news that she was to bring the Savior into this world.  I honestly didn't expect to get so much practical advice and insight from this book as I did.  I initially thought it would be more of an exegetical look at the scriptures involving Mary.  What a wonderful surprise it was to be so blessed and challenged through reading this!  I'd give this book 4 out of 5 stars- a good read!  You can find this book on Amazon HERE.

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