Book Review: The Girl's Still Got It

Thursday, February 28, 2013

This is the first of Liz Curtis Higgs' books that I have read, so I didn't know what to expect with her writing style. In short, I loved it! I tend to gravitate towards books & studies that are more Scripture-driven that topic driven... maybe its the Bible College student in me, I don't know.  Because of that, I have read a handful of books, devotions and commentaries on the book of Ruth.  This is by far the most engaging, entertaining and enjoyable study on the subject that I have encountered.  Liz has a way of writing that takes an exegetical approach, but crafts her words and the information in such a way that it reads almost like a novel.  I particularly enjoyed that this book goes verse by verse through Ruth.  Again, that's the kind of study I prefer when I am focusing on a particular book of the Bible.  But what I loved most was the way the author slipped in historical information in ways that didn't seem like a long, boring history lesson.  When studying books of the Bible, so much of the historical significance can get lost through the modern-day eyes we read with.  Liz was careful to not overlook the cultural and historical high points, and in an eleoquent, engaging way, she brought that past to life. This book dives into the depths of the true meaning of the Scriptures.   

After the first few pages had me in tears, I began highlighting my favorite parts and taking notes here and there as I read.  I like the way Liz spoke about the "miracles" in the book of Ruth.  She wrote: "The only miracles in the book of Ruth are changed lives.  Best. Miracles. Ever."  (pg 34)  Isn't that the truth?  The book of Ruth is about more than just a young widow and her mother-in-law on a journey together.  The book of Ruth is about changed lives, and God's overarching goodness & provision through all circumstances.

Another favorite passage from this book came just a few pages over... "If we start thinking 'a loving God wouldn't do that,' we miss the truth recorded in his Word and the seeds of hope planted deep in our parched soil; God loves us too much to let us starve spiritually." (pg 36)  Are you beginning to get a tiny glimpse of the beautiful word pictures the author paints throughout the book?  Liz uses 14 difference translations of the Bible to beautifully illustrate with her words the great story of Ruth.  

A quote from the back of this book promises that once you finish reading this book, you will totally "get" the book of Ruth.  I can honestly say, after finishing this book, that its true!  Not only do I understand the story of Ruth and its inclusion in the Holy Scriptures, I also understand and appreciate the spiritual and cultural meanings of the book, too.  

This is a wonderful read.  It could be a quick read for some, though I took a little longer to read it than necessary... I kept finding myself in need of some serious reflection time after almost every chapter!  I'd recommend this book to anyone- It gets 5 stars from this reader.

You can purchase this book on Amazon in paperback or Kindle form.  
You can find out more about author Liz Curtis Higgs here.

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 I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.
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