Oscar Party 2013 Recap Pt.1

Monday, March 04, 2013

I can't believe its already been a week since the Oscars!  I still have not recovered.  Though my husband did take Gia out of town for the day on Saturday so I could work on our guest room/craft room.  It seemed to explode in the weeks leading up to it.  So although the rest of my house is still a mess of clothes, toys & dishes strewn about, the guest room is clean!  If ever you can't find me, I'll be in there, reveling in the cleanliness.  SO, now for the recap!  I took a few shots before the party started, but am so sad to say that I forgot to pick up my camera much after.  I didn't even get pics of all the decorations or food.  :(  That makes me so sad!  But I was super busy cooking and hanging out with friends and wrangling my toddler.  But here are the pictures I did manage to snap.  (I'll split this up into a couple posts so the pictures aren't overwhelming!)


I created the invitations in Photoshop.  I combined a couple of ideas that I had seen online and put my own touches on them.  I wanted to go for a black/gold/silver star theme, and added some gold star brads.  The envelopes are from Hobby Lobby, as are the star brads.


For the mantle, I used black tissue paper puff ball (I opted to buy them 1/2 off at HL to save time.. .they were only $2.50 for all 3).  I got the mirror 1/2 off at HL, as well as the black & silver boa. The two silver candle holders on the ends, I already had on hand.  I put some sticks with gold stars (got them 90% off at Target after Christmas... 10 cents each!), then filled them with shredded gold foil (from The Dollar Store).  I really wish I'd taken more pictures of this part of it... the details were really pretty but totally lost in this pic!

The Red Carpet!  Just a roll of picnic table cover vinyl.  I hung dozens of swirly gold stars from the ceiling... I got them all at The Dollar Store.  Most came in packages of 2 or 3!  Score!

The food table, before all the food was set out.  The backdrop for "The Oscars" is made from 5 rolls of gold holographic wrapping paper, also from The Dollar Store.  I folded them in half lengthwise, then cut fringes 2/3 of the way up.  Then I cut them on the lengthwise fold, which gave me the wider width that I wanted.  Hung them up with masking tape, and alternated gold & silver.  (The silver was acutally on the back of the gold!)  The banner was hung with white yarn and the clothes pins that I glittered a few days before.  PS- Glittered clothes pins are now one of my favorite things.  Who knew?

I finally changed out the Christmas wrapping paper in our huge wall frame for some Oscar silhouette men.  They're mounted on more of the Dollar Store wrapping paper.  They look holographic here, but the back grounds were really gold & silver.  

Another shot of the background.  The table was just a black cloth I borrowed from church, with some gold/black/silver star confetti I borrowed from a friend.  

What's a hollywood party with out our own walk of fame stars ?  I printed these out with one for each guest, then taped them down to the kitchen floor with packing tape.  So fun!

In Part 2, I'll share the Food & Favors!

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