Joanna 8 Weeks

Monday, March 03, 2014

This past week, my BFF came to visit! It was a Christmas present from Sean, and the best one ever!! It is hard to believe, but its actually been 5 years since we've seen each other in person. Way, way, way too long. We still talk on the phone several times a week, but life just got busy for both of us, and the miles between us are too great for quick weekend visits. Tracy got in on Thursday, and we went out to Olive Garden for dinner. Sean watched Gia and I took Joey with us. Joey was an angel and slept the entire time! As we were leaving, we got caught in a torrential down pour. It was pretty crazy. Friday we just hung out some more, then Saturday Tracy and I took both girls to see the movie "Frozen." Gia did good, and as long as I let Joey keep nursing, she was pretty good too. Joey has been sleeping and growing great still. She is cooing and smiling at us a lot! Gia was sick on Sunday and a little bit on Monday... it was interesting trying to keep a toddler quarantied from our newborn. Thankfully Sean was able to stay home part of the day and keep her company in the guest room. It was just a sore throat and mild fever that thankfully turned out to be nothing more.

PS- This is Joey's poop face. She flares her nostrils every time!

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