Joanna 6 Weeks

Monday, March 03, 2014

This week has been pretty much the same as any other week... we got another downpour of snow. I am so over this winter! Its difficult to find fun things to do.  This week was Valentine's Day. Gia was so excited about it! Sean got her a Little Tykes basketball goal, which she LOVES! This week we had a little scare with Joanna- she woke up with what looked like a cold sore on her upper lip. I knew from my time working with infectious diseases that a cold sore could be the herpes virus, and that it is very dangerous & potentially deadly in newborns. I got in immediately with her pediatrician (they opened up after lunch because the snow had them closed that morning. Thankfully our neighbor with a snow plow on his truck helped us get the van out of our driveway so I could go to the hospital. God is good). She couldn't say definitely one way or another what she thought the sore was. She even had the other doctor come in and looked at it, and the consulted with an ID doctor at the Children's Hospital downtown. Since she hadn't had any contact with anyone who'd had a cold sore, we decided to just keep an eye on her and see if it got worse. The treatment for herpes in a baby is weeks in the hospital on IV fluids, which is why she didn't immediately want to jump to that course of action. I nervously watched the spot and thanks to God, it resolved on its own after several days. I'm thinking it might have just been from her pacifier or a scratch from her fingernail. Whatever it was, it is gone but it was a huge scare!!

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