Joanna 10 Weeks

Monday, March 17, 2014

This week more than any other so far, I really think Joanna looks like Gia. Not so much even in their 10 week comparisons, but as I was editing this photo I just kept thinking it was Gia! Crazy! Sean was really busy with work this week, and had a lot of meetings and extra obligations he had to tend to. We are going stir crazy with the cold weather still lingering about. How dare it stay this long into March! Hoping the next week brings some reprieve and we can finally introduce Joanna to the sun! We are trying to get Joey to take a bottle, but so far haven't had any luck. I need to try to borrow a few different types of bottles to see if there is one she prefers more but we really, really, really want her to be able to take a bottle. Gia never did, and it was quite draining. Literally for 14 months, I was the only source of milk. It got better around 8 months when she was eating enough table foods that she wasn't nursing as much but it would still be really nice to get a break every now and then. 

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