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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What do you do when your two year old is battling a snotty nose, has been up before 6am for a week and is fighting her midday nap? Well, I don't know what you would do but I mixed up a Spark drink and ate a piece of chocolate! And now I thought I'd take a quiet minute to share some mid-week magic with you. I've noticed lots of writers and pod-casters share some form of their favorite things... The Sorta Awesome show has their "awesome of the week." Ann Voskamp shares "multivitamins for your weekend" and even Oprah has her famous favorite things. I love hearing what other people are into and new things they've discovered in their world, as that is how I have found some of my new favorite things. So in the spirit of sharing all the good stuff, here's what's been inspiring me in my Mid-Week Magic:

CD // Joey + Rory Hymns

I don't know if you've been following the amazing & inspiring story of Joey Feek, but she is absolutely incredible. She and her husband are country music artists, but just recently Joey was diagnosed with terminal cancer. They also have a 2 year old little girl named Indiana. Joey's life on earth is very near its end, and yet she remains a faithful inspiration to her family and a beautiful example of faith in Christ. So when I heard this album was releasing last week, I had to buy it. I actually bought it for myself for a Valentine's gift from my husband (he was appreciative) and I have not stopped playing it in the car. It is full of simple, beautiful hymns that we all know and love. Every week in my Bible Study Fellowship class, we open by singing several hymns. My girls are even learning these timeless hymns in their BSF classes. This has inspired me to want to teach my girls even more of these traditional hymns, as they are so full of rich biblical truths. As I was playing this CD in the car, I could hear echoes of my grandmothers' voices ringing in my ears. They both used to hum and sing these songs when I was a little girl. In fact, this CD was so sentimental for me that I had to buy two additional copies and send them to my grandparents! I've also recommended this to my BSF leader who has in turn bought it and loves it. We listen to it in the car all the time-- and Gia has declared "I'll fly away" to be her favorite new song. "Jesus Loves Me" is also on this CD and the girls love singing it. Other songs include "Old Rugged Cross", "I Surrender All", "It Is Well With My Soul", "How Great Thou Art" and "Jesus Paid It All." When you know the story behind the artists singing these beautiful songs, it makes them all the more meaningful to see these hymns lived out. (Here's Gia singing her favorite:)

I mentioned Bible Study Fellowship above. That is my next mid-week magic to share with you. This is my second year being part of a BSF class and it is absolutely incredible. BSF has classes all over the world-- you can go to their website to find a class near you. In fact, when I was a little girl, my mom attended and lead some BSF classes! They've been around for more than 50 years, so my girls are now 3rd generation BSFers! Each year (they run Sept-May) you study a different book or books of the Bible. This year the study is Revelation. Last year we studied the life of Moses (which included the Pentateuch). These studies are rich, in-depth, challenging and life-changing. They have an incredible kids' program in which my girls have already learned so much. The coolest part is, your kids learn exactly what you are learning just in kid-appropriate language. So that means yes, even my 2 year old is learning about Revelation this year! It is so exciting to me to be able to talk to my kids about such deep spiritual truths even though they are still young. Next year BSF will be going through the book of John. Look up a class on the website to find one in your area and then find out when their next Welcome Day is. That is when you will register for the Fall class and find out more about the program. It is a commitment, for sure. You are expected to actually be in the Word every day of the week, and to have your "homework" study completed. I find this kind of accountability to be exactly what I need in order to actual be living and breathing that Bread of life that is the Bible. I really cannot say enough about the program.... let me know if you have any questions about it. It truly is amazing!!! 

My final tidbit of mid-week magic to share with you is this new-ish show called "I'll Have What Phil's Having." I discovered it several months ago and mentioned it on Facebook but thought it definitely worthy of another mention on the blog. I believe you can find it streaming on Netflix, or you can watch episodes on your computer at PBS.com. If you like Anthony Bourdain, you'll love this slightly more reverent and witty PBS show starring the writer of "Everybody Loves Raymond" as he travels to some of the world's great cities, eating good food. He's not a chef, so its less snobby than a chef-y food tour. Just a funny guy appreciating great food in beautiful places. Fair warning: wanderlust will follow. I may have definitely had to leave the room at the end of the Italy episode. Was getting a little too real and "dusty" in the room. Phil says "The problem with the rest of the world is that it isn't Italy." Amen. and Amen. Sadly, I have already finished all the episodes... I hope there's another season!

So there you have it, my mid-week magic. What things are getting you through the week?

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