Mid-Week Magic 03

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Its a little past the middle of the week, but I hope these little bits of magic help get you through to the weekend! Here's what I'm loving this week: (hint: its not the blizzard that is currently outside my window!)

food // Sausage, Potato and Spinach Soup

Speaking of freaking cold snow, is there anything better than a big pot of warm, hearty soup to offset a blizzard? I think not! I cannot even estimate the tremendous number of times I've made this soup this winter. And now we've progressed to making a double batch each time we make it, which is almost weekly. I actually discovered this soup from my sister-in-law, Anne. I was going over to her house for a moms-only hang time and as I arrived, she was making this soup. However, right as I rang her doorbell, she dumped several tablespoons of red pepper flakes into the pot on accident! The darn lid wasn't on the season shaker anymore! We wound up ordering chinese take-out but the soup smelled so delicious that I had to try it at home! It really is that good. A few tips: I omit the red pepper flakes altogether and buy mild italian sausage, because I am a spice weenie. I also sub whole fat coconut milk (the kind that comes in a can) for the heavy cream because I'm allergic to dairy. Its SO GOOD!!

blog // Made Heirs

Keeping it in the family this week, this is my sister's adoption blog. Last fall, they brought home their son & my nephew, Titus. He is thriving in his new family and doing so well. The latest big news in their family is that they are going back to China! They are going to bring home their daughter and one of Titus' best friends from the orphanage, a little girl named Mei. Her latest post entitled "Journey To Mei" is so moving that you simply must read it. If there was ever a doubt in anyone's mind that God truly has chosen a family for the orphaned, this will put that to rest. The road to Mei has not been easy or direct, but it is obvious that she is theirs! And they have not given up on bringing her home. This made me think about how we are all children of God, adopted into His family through Christ, and that He will go to great lengths to bring us home to Him. Adoption is such a beautiful picture of the Gospel.

app // MSQRD

Ok, if we're Insta or Facebook friends, you've probably seen some of the creepy pictures I posted yesterday with my faces superimposed with those of monkeys and other things. Its from this awesome new app called MSQRD. It is free in the app store, and will give you hours of giggles. The girls and I had so much fun with this. It is just plain hilarious!

So there's my mid-week magic. What fun things are getting you through the week?

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