40 Days to Joyful Motherhood: A Coloring Book and Devotional Review

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

I have long been a fan of the adult coloring book fad. And the length of time I’ve been indulging my inner child has me thinking that maybe it isn’t just a fad— adult coloring books are here to stay! I love all varieties of these books… animals, under sea, doodles, cityscapes, etc. They’re all soothing to the soul when I take time to relax and just color. And then I came across Sarah Humphrey’s 40 Days to Joyful Motherhood. It is a coloring book AND devotional for busy moms all rolled into one! Genius! What an amazing concept. I love the size and shape of the book- not to big but not too small either. When you are looking at the book with it laid oped, on the left is a short devotion and on the right is the coloring page. I actually like combining the pages, meaning that when I was coloring after I read the devotional for the day, I found my thoughts wandering back to the devotional and circling, starring and adding art to the devotional page as well as the doodle page! 

The illustrations vary in subject matter and detail. They are all hand drawn, so they’re not as precise and perfect as some other adult coloring books I’ve seen. But they are charming and beautiful nonetheless. The only downside that I have found to this book is that the pages are pretty thin. They seem to be a regular weight paper where as some other coloring books I love are printed on heavier paper. The black lines of the coloring pages and the text can be seen through on to the other side, which eliminates markers as a medium for coloring in this book. I’d recommend only using crayons or colored pencils for this book. But other than that, it is a great book! I would definitely recommend it for all of the moms in your life!

I’d like to thank LitFuse for giving me a review copy of this book. I am happy to share with you my thoughts and opinions about it!

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