Mysterious Ways

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

As my hubby was packing up for a week long fishing trip in the mountains tonight, I was double checking his packing list, making sure he had everything... sleeping back (check), blankets (check), pillows (check-- i think its so cute that he specified he wanted a "neutral" pillowcase... guess flowers aren't manly enough for fishing trips), bug spray (check)... flashlight.

Oh, the flashlight.  Remember my Uncle Bill? Every Christmas for as long as I can remember, Uncle Bill gave all of us flashlights.  In my family, getting a flashlight from Uncle Bill was the equivalent of getting underwear from mom or a pen and notebook from grandma-- we expected it.  When Sean joined the family, he was enveloped into the flashlight gifting, too.  Every single flashlight we have in our house is from Uncle Bill.  So, I went to the stash in our kitchen and pulled a big, bright orange one.  This one we got from Uncle Bill via my parents this past Christmas.  So what's the big deal about a flashlight?  Uncle Bill passed away several months ago.  This weekend, a lot of people are going down to the River to plant a tree in his memory and I so wish I could be there.  As I put the flashlight in hubby's bag, he said "I'll think of him every time I turn this on."  I've never appreciated those flashlight Christmas gift more than I did last night.  

We kept thinking and talking about Uncle Bill a little bit and hubby said something I'd never thought of before.... when we were home over Thanksgiving, we got to go for two weeks.  This only happened because there was a missionary convention and hubby's job had recently changed from Youth Minister to Missions pastor.  We had planned on going to Cincinnati for Thanksgiving this year, and would have if the developements of last Fall hadn't taken place.  On that trip home, we got to see Unlce Bill three different times.  Once before we knew he had cancer and then again shortly after the diagnosis.  It was so good to get to see him and talk with him, even if just for that short time.  Hubby reminded me that if we hand't gotten kicked out of youth ministry, we probably would have never gotten to see Uncle Bill again before he went Home.  

Hm.  As many fits as I threw and as many tears I cried last fall, I've learned that the Lord does work in mysterious ways.  And He most definitely does know what he's doing in working everything out to the good of those who love Him.  And I love Him.  I do.  And I am so greatful for those extra moments with Uncle Bill.

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2 Lovely Words

  1. This is really touching! What a beautiful way to remember such a special person. See...once again we are reminded that God is in every detail and working in every aspect of our lives. He finds unique ways to remind us that we are loved! I had a dream with my grandfather last night, who passed this Jan. He seemed so alive, so real, I was fighting it because I didn't want to wake up..I wanted to keep enjoying his soothing voice..even though it was only in a dream but I heard his voice one more time!!! I do thank God for all the good times I spent with my papa!!! Hope Sean has a great time!

    We haven't heard anything about the move. My hubby thinks we'll know something by the end of next week. I will keep you posted. THANK YOU so much my friend for praying..we could use the prayers!!! Have a beautiful day!

    Love, Susan

  2. I'm so glad you were able to see him before he went on. God does indeed work in mysterious ways.

    Love the new layout btw.


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